about tamara

 "pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry"... leonard koren
born. 1979
growing up on a farm in rural south australia on the eyre peninsula, tamara developed a love for the earth... her journey as a creative began very early in life. tamara's love of painting was re-born after a significant moment in 2011 led her to simply 'paint'...
tamara's creative process is based largely on intuition whilst each colour palette and brush stroke is deliberate. her inspiration comes from within. from the earth and all things beyond, tamara's works are from the soul and this can be seen and felt within her art.
her art is forever changing as she enjoys working with various mediums. acrylic, ink, water, collage, charcoal and high-flow pouring on canvas. her pieces are original. 
each piece is empowered with reiki to bring harmony, balance, love and power to the home or space where it is intended. colours are selected and the intuitive process begins. simplicity is important so all distracting patterns are eliminated.
her art-printed products are derived from her original canvas pieces and are constantly changing as only small quantities are produced. 
 "today, i will paint what my soul needs to say..." - tamara j
in march 2019, tamara launched her first picture book. a beautifully written book for families and children after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, still birth, making heartbreaking choices and sudden infant death. born to fly is a 32 page illustrated book and its sole intent is to bring comfort and support after loss and to encourage conversations after baby loss.
her book is available online and through various charity organisations presented at the end of her book. registered with the national library of australia, tamara hopes that her book will be available to all bereaved families who leave the hospital with empty arms and to know that they are not alone...
a tiny life so brief and small, the love you gave has changed us all...