love tamara

we are from the earth. 
we are the future ancestors and we are the ones we have been waiting for.
this is a sacred space for all women to take comfort in so that you may be seen, heard and held as you journey through the stages of Maiden, Mother and Crone...
star seeds, mothers, sisters, healers, medicine women, priestesses ~ you are welcome here
somewhere along the way, we have forgotten who we are. in amongst mothering others, we have forgotten to mother ourselves. 
for many of us, we have experienced trauma, grief and loss. a disconnect from the true essence of love and connection that can only be found when we ignite the flames from within... and remember.
the emerald heart is a deeply special journey home ~ to the place where love, truth, forgiveness, connection, remembering and returning resides. where we 
within this small and sacred container, you will be taken deeply within yourself. to the crystalline emerald core and we welcome you... exactly as you are.
held within the divine rose lineage, this is a beautiful journey to your heart. the emerald heart...
a mothers love is a small and gentle circle for women who have been chosen to walk the path of grief. so many of us have experienced pregnancy, baby and child loss and this can lead us on a heartbreaking journey. this sacred space is for mothers to come together ~ to be held lovingly in a place where you can feel safe to be heard and be with others who are walking a similar path. grief can feel lonely. 
this beautiful offering will be both live and online (in 6 week containers). 
a precious time for us to connect with our spirit children and to feel their warmth and to understand that although our precious ones are no longer in our arms, they are forever by our side... because we are family...






in march 2019, tamara launched her first picture book. a delicately written book for families and children after the loss of a pregnancy, baby and child. born to fly is a 32 page illustrated book and its sole intent is to bring comfort, warmth and hope after losing a child.
available online and through various charity organisations across the country. 
~ a cherished keepsake ~