we are, of the earth¬†ūüúÉ
'guiding and support women towards healing and awakening the soul essence within...'
We are the future ancestors and we are the ones we have been waiting for.
This is a sacred space for all women to take comfort so that you may be seen, heard and held as you journey through the stages of Maiden, Mother and Crone...
star seeds, mothers, sisters, healers, medicine women, priestesses ~
women from across all lands
 you are welcome here
My name is Tamara Jaye Whittaker and it is my deepest honour to walk beside you on your path to healing. As a child, with my hands and feet on the earth ~ I grew up on large farm land in country South Australia and formed a deep love with Gaia from an early age ~ feeling most at home with the open fields, plants, animals, flowers and tree's ~ they too are my family.
I am a Mother to 3 on earth and 5 in my heart and as I walk the path, I lovingly open my arms to walk beside you on your own journey.
Longing to deepen into my 'knowing', my first teacher would be the beautiful One that opened me to an entire new way of seeing, feeling and knowing of Spirit and how to be in this world and the other. Always being in the presence of Mother Earth and in connection with the plant kingdom and celestial realms, I hold heart-felt reverence to all that have walked (and continue to walk) beside me on my journey so far. 
I honour the lineages I have been initiated into and the continued trainings over the past 23 years that have led me to the place I reside today in opening my heart offerings to the greater collective.
As a Woman and Mother, I am deeply devoted to the mysteries and the healing of our womb/heart space so that we may live from a place of love. I will continue to be a student of Spirit and fully embrace the constant learning that can be received when we take the time to truely listen… honouring the whispers of soul.

 I will walk beside you and into the darkness, so that you may return and remember your light

'Tamara is of the purest heart and her soul intent is to nourish and nurture all women on their path. She provides such a beautiful and safe space and comes from a silent place of truth and authenticity in all that she offers. She is love!
Tamara is an ancient wisdom keeper and earth intuitive. Her devotions can simply be ‚Äėfelt‚Äô and she willingly shares in such a¬†raw, honest and loving way.¬†
I have always felt so safely held in her presence' 
 - Simone (EFT Practitioner, Spiritual Counsellor, Earth Alchemist)


Priestess of The Rose
Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Energy Healing, Rose Magdalene Master Energy Healing Teacher & Practitioner, Mother Mary Master Energy Healing Teacher and Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner (3+ years training, ongoing) Level 2, Sound Shamana (Quartz Crystal Sacred Trinity Collection), Women’s Somatic Womb & Heart Alchemy, Facilitator/Sacred Space Holder.

Priestess of The Rose Training 21/22 & 22/23

Priestess of The Rose - Guardian and Sister Focaliser 22/23, 23/24

with Woman Rising Mystery School & Goddess Rising Mystery School

Light School with Victoria Pirini

Priestesses of The Moon, Love Thy Womb

The Emerald Path 4-month Training (Awakening Avalon)

Current Training/Study - Holistic Counselling/Coach, Meditation Teacher,

Crystal Practitioner

Mother, Partner, Sister, Daughter, Grand Daughter

Author ~ Born To Fly Picture Book



Born To Fly - Picture Book
In March 2019, Tamara launched her first picture book ~ Born To Fly. A beautiful and delicately written book for families and children after the loss of a pregnancy, baby and child. Born To Fly is a 32 page illustrated book and its soul intent is to bring comfort, warmth and hope after losing a child. 
~ a cherished keepsake ~