The Emerald Heart

A beautiful journey through the mists and into the heart. For those that are seeking a deeper and more authentic connection to Self and to our great Mother Earth, you are welcome here...

Avalon is calling us home as the Dragons await our return

The Emerald Heart is a global gathering of Women and a time to come together in sacred ceremony and connection. This is a place to re-connect to the heart space and return to a place of infinite LOVE and remembering.

When we truely live from the heart ~ all things are possible

So many of us can not only see but are experiencing great shifts in the world around us and now is the time to connect more intimately to our true self, be supported on your healing path and allow our inner essence to illuminate.

This is a time for Women of the Earth to return, hold hands and to rise up...together! The New Earth is calling us.

~ The Emerald Heart ~

a FREE 2-Hour LIVE online Call

offered 4 times per year ~ following the Celtic Wheel of the Year

includes: a grounding meditation, sound shamana and a beautiful journey to the heart chakra to release, return and remember. Lovingly guided by the Mother and powerfully supported by our Dragons.

seasonal altar creation guide

crystal immersion 

new moon/full moon ritual guide

Emerald Earth Playlist

& more



please follow @fromtheearth_essence for updates on all upcoming offerings

I honour your devotions as we continue our sacred service to the collective



You will be placed on the Emerald list for all updates and information.

With open arms, I welcome you with love and reverence...

Tamara xx

The Emerald Heart is a truely beautiful journey home to the very core of our soul essence. We each store so much energy within our heart space and it is here that our entire life resides.
Our beating hearts... lovingly connect us to Self and to Other. The place where true love and forgiveness resides and may at times be filled with great sadness, anger, grief, fear and loneliness that we find too hard to shift.
We are Women, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Grand Daughters and are all on our own unique path but we do not have to journey alone...
The Emerald Heart is a sacred space for all Women to come, to feel welcomed and seen ~ and a place to call 'home'...
We will journey to the core of the Earth and that of the heart ~ shifting old patterns that bind us and deepening our connection to the Green Healing Ray.
You will leave feeling more connected to Self and our divine Mother Earth and begin true inner healing through deeper heart connection.
Return to your breath
Return to your inner wisdoms
Return Home
You are Welcome
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